This tool will help you create a template for your own Wordpress plugin. It will provide sample code for the insertion of HTML in your blog, and the configuration page in the admin interface.

Plugin name

serves as root for all naming
Insert results
filter on 'type'
Add config page
More parameters
Data sources to use
Code generation
Show comments
Add Open-Source license
no GPL
Show license in header comments
Generate plugin template
PHP template code

Plugin Name: myplugin
Plugin Script: myplugin.php
Plugin URI: http://.../myplugin (where should people go for this plugin?)
Description: (...)
Version: 0.1
Author: Your name
Author URI: http://... (your blog/site URL)
Template by:

2016-05-27 - v1.0 - first version

// uncomment next line if you need functions in external PHP script;
// include_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/some-library-in-same-folder.php');


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