Please Subscribe Here ⇢ And Don't Forget to Like, Share & Comment! Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott will always have an important legacy in Black History. This richly illustrated 108-page book chronicles the immense challenges and important societal contributions of African-Americans throughout history. Next: Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Next: Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom, Next: Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African-Americans, Next: What Color Is My World? But Bessie grew up to be the first African-American woman to ride solo across the United States on a motorcycle, braving many obstacles. (Ages 5-8), "Hands Up!," by Breanna McDaniel (Dial, released Jan. 22): This book turns the phrase on its head to give little ones confidence and pride, culminating in activism. Following an explosion that killed more than 700 people, 50 sailors refused to work until safety conditions were improved, leading to a court-martial for mutiny. This title is such a fun read and I can't wait to get it back." This Black History Month Nonfiction Book List is by no means exhaustive. Historical photos and watercolor illustrations transport us to the fateful game when Pee Wee Reese, the Dodgers shortstop, embraced Robinson on the field as his teammate in front of a heckling crowd of spectators. Energetic illustrations and rhythmic text make this a perfect introduction for the youngest readers to the founders, including James Brown, the Sugarhill Gang, Tupac and Queen Latifah, who helped create a new and powerful form of expression for an entire generation." © 2020 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. Music and dance are great themes to explore with little kids during Black History Month. Black people have been yelling and writing about the many paths to true equity since before this country was formally founded. This is the incredible story of Henry "Box" Brown escaping slavery by shipping himself to the north in a wooden crate. It is my intentions for parents and teachers to read along with kids and explain any difficulties they may run across. By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Raymond Obstfeld, Next: Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad. This is the true biography of Olaudah Equiano, an African prince who was kidnapped at age 11 and sold into slavery in England, the U.S., and the West Indies, until he was able to buy his freedom more than a decade later. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it. She was told she wasn't tough enough, good enough, or male enough to ride her bike with the boys in the neighborhood. Little kids will love hearing … Book list. (Different formats for all ages). In 1818, firefighting volunteers are sick with the flu and cannot extinguish the fire in a house. – recommended by Christine Brenner, owner of Read with Me, "Just Mercy: A True Story of the Fight for Justice," by Bryan StevensonDelacorte Press (288 pages) Recommended reader age: Teens ages 12 and older, "Another YA adaptation of an important book, 'Just Mercy' is the story of our prison system in the United States. Children’s books are famously bad at embracing diversity.In 2016, the Cooperative Children’s Book Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that out of 3,400 kids’ books, fewer than one-quarter of them featured a main character who was black, Asian, Latino or Native American. It’s a celebration engrained in the fabric of our society, a month of learning and healing and remembering in our homes and schools. Today we celebrate the books that will broaden your child's imagination and open new worlds of discovery and self-love. Something that is … With books about everything from jazz and Jackie Robinson to slavery and segregation, there are many rich biographies and themes to explore with children during Black History Month (February) or any time of year. Clover's mother warns her that it isn't safe to cross the fence, but Clover is curious to meet Anna, the white girl who lives on the other side. A terrific book reinforcing the importance of kids to believe in themselves, be brave and follow their dreams." 17 Books Every Black Child Should Read It's World Book Day! 8 Lists of 100 African American Books by School Grades, K-8 by PimaLib_AngelaH June 27, 2018 A collaboration with a teacher from TUSD on how to best serve the African-American students by encouraging them to read more led to the idea of making a reading list of books by and featuring people like them. – Capriola and Shallenberger, "Fast Enough: Bessie Stringfield's First Ride," by Joel Christian GillLion Forge (40 pages)Recommended reader age: Kids ages 5 to 9 years, "We love books that bring to light little-known stories of intrepid achievers. Engaging daily activity books are a quick and easy way to prepare for an entire week with just one download. Little Leaders: Exceptional Men in Black History by Vashti Harrison (5-7 years) All throughout history, Black men have stood up and fought for justice and what they believe in. Introduce children to Harriet Tubman, the champion of the Underground Railroad who earned the nickname "Moses" for leading hundreds of slaves to freedom. It's 1960, and the Bridges family moves from their home state of Mississippi to Louisiana in search of… He is a former slave who escapes to freedom in the north, but returns to the south to teach others how to read. Charlie Takes His Shot: How Charlie Sifford Broke the Color Barrier in Golf by Nancy Churnin. The Flying Pig Books in Shelburne, Vt., Read with Me in Raleigh, N.C., and Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, Ga., gathered a handful of recommended reads on shelves now. Dive into history with the help of our reader's theater scripts, short reading comprehensions, and printable activities. It's told from the unique perspective of a wise, old African-American "Everywoman" narrator whose ancestors arrived on slave ships and who lives to proudly cast a vote for the nation's first black president. Cassie lays down and dreams that she is soaring above New York City — finding beauty in the views of the George Washington Bridge (which her father helped build) while also noting the signs of social injustice in the crowded city below. Top 15 Children's Books For Black History Month, Top 15 Children's Books for Black History Month, 25 Children’s Books to Teach Kids About Race and Racism, What Color Will My Baby's Eyes Be? – recommended by Diane Capriola and Dave Shallenberger, co-owners of Little Shop of Stories, "Hip-Hop Alphabet," by Howie Abrams and Michael "Kaves" McLeerPermuted Press (32 pages)Recommended reader age: Kids ages 5 to 9 years, "A favorite of mine went out of print but I was so happy to see it's coming back this April (and 'Hip Hop Alphabet 2' releases May 12). Celebrate Black History with kids of all ages by reading these stories of African-Americans overcoming adversity and making their multicultural mark on the world. Here are a few new books, publishing in 2019: "Meet Miss Fancy," by Irene Latham (Putnam, released Jan. 8): In a story set before the civil rights movement, a young boy finds a way to change segregation laws. For more parenting tips and tricks, find us on Pinterest: Are you a writer, expert, or influencer? A booklist of children's books to celebrate black lives and explore black history, including biographies and non-fiction as well as books to start conversations about racism. This brutally accurate account of slavery in the 1850s centers around an unforgettable character named Nightjohn. Get in touch! Bold Women in Black History (Vashti Harrison) Vashti Harrison. High-quality writing, in-depth information and an engaging format make these a perfect choice for when kids want more information about black history." 4.9 out of 5 stars 5,042. Best for ages: 4-8. From slave chattels to behind-the-scenes on Abraham Lincoln to the Jim Crow South, this is an important book for American teens to understand that white rage plays a huge factor in incidents of violence we see today." This is the true account of the brave six-year-old who became the first African-American sent to first grade in an all-white school. Short bios and engaging pictures invite sharing and are certain to foster conversation with young readers and future leaders!" (Ages 4-8), "Dark Sky Rising: Reconstruction and the Dawn of Jim Crow," by Henry Louis Gates Jr. with Tonya Bolden (Scholastic, released Jan. 29): A book that examines the end of slavery and the beginning of segregation while highlighting the resilience of African-Americans. The following are some of our favorite books for Black History Month — and all year long. Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters. – Brenner. The author weaves immortal quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.'s writings and speeches into this award-winning biography for kids. Before … These titles are worth seeking out even if it’s not Black History Month. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Spirited text and paintings portray how Tubman's compassion, courage, and deep religious faith helped her lead 19 trips from the south to the north in order to help fellow African-Americans. FamilyEducation is part of the FEN Learning family of educational and reference sites for parents, teachers and students. The Story of Bessie Colemanby Louise Borden. He asks the question, 'What does justice really mean in America?' 10 Amazing Books for Teens Exploring Black History Teens respond to stories that are authentic, and the books on this list emerge from real-life experiences with everything from the Civil War and sharecropping in the American South to today's racial profiling and police shootings of young African Americans. When the family heads south to bring Byron to Grandma's house, unthinkable events happen and shape the family's life forever. : The Legend of Molly Williams, America’s First Female Firefighterby Dianne Ochiltree. More: 25 Children’s Books to Teach Kids About Race and Racism. – Capriola and Shallenberger, "Little People, Big Dreams" series on Josephine Baker, Harriet Tubman, Maya Angelou and Rosa Parks Lincoln Children's BooksRecommended reader age: Different formats for all ages, "These picture books are a perfect introduction to important names in black history. Told from the point of view of a 100-year-old African-American woman, Heart and Soul takes kids on a journey through the history of slavery to Jim Crow laws to the quest for … This book is intended for kids to enjoy. This adorable tale written by acclaimed … Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Books Best Sellers. Introduce children to books and stories that reflect cultures and ethnicities and celebrate Black history and cultural diversity year long. Rather, it’s a list of some of the books we think are outstanding contributions to the field. Aside from sharing the history of an amazing woman, it lends itself to a spectacular playlist!" Written in narrative form, these mini-bios are a fun and informative read." Celebrate Black History with kids of all ages by reading these stories of African-Americans overcoming adversity and making their multicultural mark on the world. Jailed for nonviolent protest and walking alongside civil rights greats like Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lewis, Blackmon proves a powerful and influential role model to younger people wanting to shape our country's history." Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. the beginning of a life of hard work and dedication that really paid off: Bessie became the first African-American t… 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family, 25 Stocking Stuffers for Kids That They'll Actually Use (Under $10), 15 of the Coolest Electronic Gadgets for Kids. Dubois and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, this book celebrates the depth and breadth of black excellence throughout history." This book will not only raise awareness but it will also raise self-esteem. Black History is World History. He was taunted and terrorized by baseball fans, opposing players, and even his own teammates on the Brooklyn Dodgers. Pain is the same, and blood is the same.". This middle-grade novel is narrated by 9-year-old Kenny — the younger brother in a middle-class African-American family from Michigan. along with classic musicians Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Bill "Bojangles" and more. Well-adapted for teen readers." The multimedia illustrations carry readers from King's youth — when he first noticed "Whites Only" signs — through his remarkable life as a leader of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. We asked a few kid-friendly bookshops across the country to give us their favorite titles that families should be reading for Black History Month – and every month. Fly High! It is about two Nigerians making… Music is such an important part of black history. After trolls attack their videos of poetry and responses to racist microaggressions, they must figure out how to have their voices heard. At the Waller plantation, the punishment for slaves who read is dismemberment, but Nightjohn and his brave 12-year-old student named Sarny take enormous risks in order to expand their minds. Your partner in parenting from baby name inspiration to college planning. We invite a mix of books on the list to accomplish this, from books on the civil rights movement, activism, peace, the abolishment of slavery, and black kids just having adventures and being kids! The rhythmic story and colorful paintings help show children the importance of the Underground Railroad — the secret path to freedom for thousands of African-Americans. Please, Baby, Please, by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee. His best-selling autobiography was first published in 1789 and has been shortened and modernized in Cameron's version, which remains true to the gripping original script. Black Lives Matter - Kids! – Hearst, "The Roots of Rap: 16 Bars on the 4 Pillars of Hip-Hop," by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Frank MorrisonLittle bee books (48 pages)Recommended reader age: Kids ages 5 to 9 years, "The history of the genre comes alive in this picture book that introduces the personalities and culture that launched the language of hip-hop. – Capriola and Shallenberger, "Betty Before X," by Ilyasah Shabazz with Renée WatsonSquare Fish (256 pages)Recommended reader age: Middle grade ages 8 to 12 years, "The story of the childhood of Betty Shabazz (partner to Malcolm X) told with authenticity and expertise. The lively illustrations invite kids to "Deedle-di-bop!" Bessie Stringfield (born around 1911) was a kid who loved riding her bike fast. This book doesn't directly address Black History, but it offers a preschooler-friendly introduction to the related concepts of diversity and equality. Children's books for Black History Month as well as all year round, selected for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. "Watch Us Rise," by Renée Watson and Ellen Hagan (Bloomsbury, release date Feb. 12): This YA novel, about two friends who start a Women's Rights Club at their school. In this tender, beautiful letter to his daughters, … It's 1939, and young Cassie Louise Lightfoot is picnicking with her family and friends on "tar beach" — the hot, black rooftop of her family's Harlem apartment. Next on the list of children’s books for Black History Month is The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles. K - 2. Molly, by Golly! Black History Month is an opportunity to shed light on our African American heroes, but unfortunately many heroes and stories get forgotten. This book made it to former president Barak Obama's past summer reading list. The publicity that the trial generated increased awareness of the injustices of a segregated military that soon led to significant changes in the military and, ultimately, to the rest of American society." This 112-page biography from the kid-friendly "Who Was ..." series shares lesser-known facts about the black woman who bravely refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger in Alabama in 1955. By Scholastic Parents Staff . Texting With Black History, by Bobby Basil Courtesy of Amazon. – recommended by Elizabeth Bluemle, owner of The Flying Pig Bookstore, "Turning 15 On The Road To Freedom: My Story of the 1965 Selma Voting Rights March," by Lynda Blackmon Lowery, as told to Elspeth Leacock and Susan BuckleyDial (144 pages)Recommended reader age: Middle grade ages 8 to 12 years, "Lynda Blackmon was the youngest to march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala., in 1965. Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History and Little Legends: Exceptional Men in Black History by … Hardcover. $13.00. – recommended by Jory Hearst, frontline bookseller at The Flying Pig Bookstore, "Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History," by Vashti HarrisonLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers (96 pages)Recommended reader age: Middle grade, ages 8 to 12 years, "Charmingly illustrated and chock-full of facts, 'Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History' by Vashti Harrison provides a survey of trailblazing black women who have or are currently making American history. – Capriola and Shallenberger, "Young, Gifted and Black: Meet 52 Black Heroes from Past and Present," by Jamia Wilson, Illustrated by Andrea PippinsQuarto (64 pages)Recommended reader age: Middle grade ages 8 to 12 years, "A quintessential who's who in black history for young readers. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. A Genetic Explanation. Discover the best Children's Black & African American Story Books in Best Sellers. A great way to introduce Black History Month to children of every race is to seek out books about African-Americans that relate to a topic of interest for your child. Featuring an impressively wide range of figures, including Martin Luther King Jr., Nina Simone, W.E.B. The cook for the firehouse helps to stop the fire and saves the day! "We Are Not Yet Equal," by Carol Anderson with Tonya Bolden Bloomsbury YA (270 pages)Recommended reader age: Teens ages 12 and older, "This is a YA adaptation of Carol Anderson's "White Rage," and it's a terrific history of our racial divide in American history. This book takes us back to 1947, when Jackie Robinson became the first African-American player in Major League Baseball. Award-winning author Mem Fox tells little ones that wherever they are, whatever they look like, and no matter their customs, there are other kids like them all around the globe: "Joys are the same, and love is the same. They are great stories about amazing people. FEN Learning is part of Sandbox Networks, a digital learning company that operates education services and products for the 21st century. The Best Kids for Black History Month for Kids and Families! As one of our most comprehensive units, edHelper offers something for every student. Bryan Stevenson is an attorney who defends black men on death row, and he beautifully weaves together their histories with the history of prisons and legal reform. Harlem's Little Blackbird: The Story of Florence Mills by Renee Watson, illustrated by Christian … Children Book authors and avid readers contributed their favorite children’s Books to a list of the, “Top 150 Recommended African-American Children’s Books.” Selling Black Books Since 1997 ★ Black Books are for Everyone Selling Black Books Since 1997 ★ Black History Month is a great time to crack open a new book and learn about all the important figures and stories that impacted history. This is a folktale about a white sailor named "Peg Leg Joe" teaching a group of slaves a song to "follow the drinking gourd" (the Big Dipper) north to escape slavery. We've also included some new titles, for the voracious young readers who have already checked these books off their lists. (Check out these additional resources for Martin Luther King Day.). The fence behind Clover's house marks the town line that separates black people from white people. This book tells the stories of 40 Black men, from campaigners, athletes, fashion journalists and musicians who realised their dreams and made the world a better place. Some describe our different histories while others show the joys and challenges that are shared by children of all colors as they learn and grow. The two girls work around the rules of segregation and form an unlikely friendship by sitting together on top of the fence. FamilyEducation does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Did you know that African-American inventors had a hand in everything from the ice-cream scoop and the refrigerated food truck to cortisone cream and open-heart surgery? Black History Month. If you want to talk about Black History with your kids, this book will take you back to the beginning. : The Lost History of African-American Inventors, Next: The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963, Next: The Kidnapped Prince: The Life of Olaudah Equiano. But these books contain so many of the answers. Information on our advertising guidelines can be found. ... (Music Books for Children, African American Baby Books, Bob Marley Book for Kids) What better way to celebrate and teach your kids about Black History Month than with some great children's books? Hip-Hop Alphabet takes us through the history of Hip-Hop one letter at a time, in rhyme of course. The Benefits of Biographies for Kids Find out how nonfiction and true stories can help kids learn. As an adult working in a warehouse, he decides to take a major risk and mail himself in a box — to a world where he can have a "birthday" (his first day of freedom). Black History Month: Books for Your Elementary Schoolers Celebrate the history and culture of African Americans with these early elementary reads. So it’s vital that parents share the books that are available with their kids. Kenny's older brother, Byron, is a juvenile delinquent who could use some stern discipline from their no-nonsense grandmother, who lives in Alabama. – recommended by Heather Bauman, frontline bookseller at The Flying Pig Bookstore, "What was the March on Washington?" Using cues that … We learn that as a boy, Henry doesn't know his age because nobody keeps records of slaves' birthdays. For example, if your child takes ballet lessons and loves all things ballerina, perhaps Misty Copelands autobiographical picture book, Firebird , would be a good place to start. ... 17 kids books to read for Black History … by Robert Coles. Preschoolers will love this toe-tapping, finger-snapping tribute to African-American jazz giants, set to the rhythm of the classic children's song "This Old Man." (Ages 9-12), "Little People, Big Dreams: Muhammad Ali," by Isabel Sanchez Vegara, illustrated by Brosmind (Lincoln Children's Books, release date Feb. 7): The book on the champion boxer tells about his strong work ethic. – Brenner, "The Port Chicago 50: Disaster, Mutiny, and the Fight for Civil Rights" by Steve SheinkinSquare Fish (208 pages)Recommended reader age: Middle grade ages 8 to 12 years, "This is the true story of black sailors assigned to a segregated unit that loaded munitions on naval vessels at a California base. The national celebration was established around 1976, when President Gerald Ford decreed it an annual American observance. In this book co-authored by NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, kids can learn about the great minds behind important inventions, product improvements, and scientific and medical discoveries that we take for granted. These books teach kids about African American men and women who excelled in art, music, and science, as well as heroes of social justice from Harriet Tubman to Rosa Parks. Children's books to create awareness and foster discussion early. They're captivating reading for Black History Month or anytime. by Kathleen KrullPenguin (104 pages)Recommended reader age: Middle grade ages 8 to 12 years, "While these are somewhat older titles, published more than five years ago, they are so well done that for the 8-12 age range, there's no comparison.
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