This track is a remixed medley of the daytime and nighttime themes from Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. While nice contrasts compared to other tracks, they're also easily one of the more repetitive tracks from this score, even with the lengthy development. In both games, it is known as "Piercing Silence". . The original track appeared as a boss theme in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and known in the sound test as "Into the Dark Night". While "Bloody Tears" is missing its trademark instrument, the organ, it nevertheless features effective guitar sections and strong drum work, which make it worthy to listen to. It combines aspects of the various remixes of the original track from throughout the Castlevania series. Japanese title: 悲境の貴公子, Young Nobleman of Sadness. This track also offers the most memorable original melody on the album. This track is a remix of the song used in the Catacomb area in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. "Dracula's Castle", "An Empty Tome", and "Iron Blue Intention" are some of the tracks which suffer the most in my opinion. Castlevania: Judgment Music Extended OST. One of the biggest surprises is clearly "The Wolf Revealed", which is actually a medley of Castlevania 64 themes. document.write(' Craterhoof Behemoth Price, Paneer Handi Recipe In Marathi, What Do Hippos Eat, Samsung Bf641fst Error Codes, Nyc Subway Graffiti 1970s, Gate Notes For Cse,