Antecedents, consequences, case studies, and empirical referents are discussed. Cites per document Year Value; Cites / Doc. )hŬ1��iB}\ܸ(��{G2��N���]h�&��?����^�����,��R��� S��#��=z 0G m]�ݭ� e2�P����F�Y�2B����N�@: �7�Pw�)�^^��ȍ_�����^'@�ej(Q�8em�&cW�7fx�A September 11 continues to negatively affect Arab Americans in the work environment. To increase adherence in women, the benefits of antihypertensive medications should be emphasized. h�bbd``b`�� Bĕ�A@�b�������`d100>�?��#� ��? In conclusion, incorporating transcultural nursing into core nursing curricula, recognizing the spiritual dimensions of care in nursing, and establishing culturally congruent community-based day treatment modalities and programs integrating other cultures are recommended. 23rd Annual Transcultural Nursing Society Conference focuses on unifying care and facing diversity with unity. The purpose of this research was to explore the involvement in reproductive health of adult men in a low-income community in São Paulo City, Brazil. The purpose of this research was to identify perceived barriers and facilitators of health from the perspective of rural Kenyan adolescents and to characterize the cultural context that shapes these barriers and facilitators. It was found that in men, longer length of stay in the United States was a predictor for nonadherence. ��yL�P��L�-�W�N}X�u����$�Y5��a�Q=�� Source: Journal of Transcultural Nursing - August 18, 2016 Category: Nursing Authors: Marrone, S. R. Tags: Transcultural Nursing Society Source Type: research Factors Influencing the Intent to Migrate in Nursing Students in South Korea Participants provided written parental consent and individual assent for study participation. Cultural Discovery includes several components in conjunction with the Leininger Acculturation Health Care Assessment Enabler for Cultural patterns in Traditional and Nontraditional Lifeways, specifically: background reading assignments, classroom activity component, collaborative library introductory program, videotape program, interview, literature review, reflection, and written paper assignment. The Effects of September 11 on Arab American Nurses in Metropolitan Detroit. Participants were 21 pregnant adolescents from Medellín, Colombia, and nearby villages in the region. Data were collected by means of 21 qualitative interviews, and analysis followed grounded theory procedures. Medical record reviews and interviews using the Response to Symptoms Questionnaire were conducted with 204 ACS patients in coronary care within 72 hours of admission. Is this Korean-translated version of the PHQ-9K tool useful in screening for depression in KAs? Informants' behaviors and attitudes toward women were constructed by their own male-centered values. Barriers to effective HIV prevention may be related to a failure to develop educational programs based on the cultural competencies of vulnerable populations such as adolescents who are at risk for HIV. The predictor of nonadherence in women was lower perceived benefits of antihypertensive medications. New Impact Factors show 36% increase for SAGE Nursing journals: We are delighted to announce that the new Impact Factors recently released by Thomson Scientific in the 2006 Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) show a 36% increase for SAGE Nursing journals compared to 2005. Multidisciplinary research studies involving Hispanic populations and the concept of acculturation are reviewed. ����#-�^k��B�=���y���a�,\����v���lS��C�eS�����Ny2���>q�Qv�ʚ����;NWn?TU}�zRτ�&�c|��(G˔*�)�Fl�u�E#mHh�Z*p��%���'�k����v��c��%E��y��S�[J���>��8d��^v'x���^�z&zpz�K�����N����pȘ��ZESS)���@G��B�㗸��q5�@��a� �%�/��? --Online Journal of Cultural Competence in Nursing and Healthcare This volume is the first to examine and promote the application of current, major transcultural nursing (TCN) theory and models and assessment tools in nursing education, practice, and administration. endstream endobj 166 0 obj <>>> endobj 167 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 168 0 obj <>stream Four major themes representing family caregivers' conceptions of care were identified: nourishing the PLWA while struggling with poverty, maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene of the person and surroundings, comforting the PLWA, and sacrificing self to sustain the PLWA. b�l��|����~A� ����"v�,BACp�8_���}��o@��55s�KC1o��������([�F]=��Gs^$�6wrƯ^N����Vp���9v�[�U}�7���!�n�wҾ]��D'w��ba,�����U֟�XS^��q…�Fb]��䨌>]R](�,m�� �!��F2X��B=ame�8QV��½U�f@��g3�:V�������y�����O=�28-A J&)�6�ߘ����C��>%s�k#ù�������?�d�_�~W�'�/�\il��ΕnfP4!�=4]�b) Q�ݣ�x����qؙ �C��wBLeU[��R ��nȿ��LM�M�G������=&e���6Pmh%�S� �Vs�I.��j��sg��]��}0���~14B��͒cK��1!=�wb��J"����+�P~ջbs�F�`�ᢒ�7����aP\C����I�L��!��0�L��0�q��){��������R7���V���w�_��.�����u���~rz��b-Ι���>3r24f2�g]CSּ=e�k�ŕo���6痽��ˊ�Hv�k����biX@�i��[�����6���AH��A$�`[��j9�w��iF���X�5�4��N|���Y�}�P)20Q�,�LS�K���>ͻ�Φ�%� �&�``�b�ea�c�3ʹ��6��w�=�5 �� ��㲦-(�2z�vc@BWgf��$�oNcM��RftT0���s����7������ޓq���$`���Q�tS��Ѡv;�e���M\��ӫwS�]r����.k������/�֍gǍ&�r���&QJB�Ui��B�9>�bK~ Leininger's theory of culture care diversity and universality is the conceptual anchor of this ethnographic study. Cultural concepts and postpartal care. The ever-increasing multicultural population in the United States poses a significant challenge to nurses providing individualized and holistic care to their patients. )a��H��~��=q��yG��N0@�� �E����w�R��sԥ�:�T� '͙�i�����@v4� K��Z�Z�y@��NPڬ�XS�,c��=D�݀��/.�����c,D�^��o���v�{@�Zk^�s �����4d����'Aag��z !�:Ԭ�S���Cڐ���|�Hz�@W53]�d��� �3�u0[�[��7����� ��AH�3c�|N  8v������gؗ�7����o��+nyh�"��z&3�p΁���Vs���n�(��W.��@�g|q!���hD��D��x�Y}! Analysis (paired t tests) of the Block Screening Questionnaire, General Acculturation Index, and Self-Rated Health Subindex of the Multilevel Assessment Instrument showed significant differences: Daughters ate more fat (p = .04) and were more acculturated than their mothers (p = .0001). }���ȴ�}W�>8).�����P�aˉ���s�?�ݑ��*mq�e/ {kb�[����x��E�e( The purpose of this study is to understand one Latino community's perspective about childhood overweight within this high-risk ethnic group. 1976. We live in an era of constant change and transformation, which in return paves the way for cultural transparency. �iD��/2$�3������th��nJm�BH��Em�c�����-�/m: M� �3�]/X�Ġ�q�@*�`) Work in and with communities places students and practitioners more consistently in cross-cultural circumstances. The Program for Mexican Communities Abroad offices, which are located throughout the United States, represent an ideal site for outreach for both Mexican- and United States-based governmental and nongovernmental organizations interested in the well-being of Mexican migrants working in the United States. Thirty-four Arab American nurses completed a survey about perceptions and experiences related to discrimination before and after the terror attacks on 9/11. © The Author(s) 2014. This was a cross-sectional study. Total citations made in the JCR year to content published in a journal in the prior two years are divided by the number of articles and reviews published by the journal in the prior two years. Although nurses have considerable awareness and concern about child abuse, additional education related to this issue is needed. Implications for future practice and research are also identified. A cross-sectional design was used with recruitment with a convenience sample of 100 men and 100 women with hypertension. The U.S. population consists of members from different racial and ethnic groups and depending on their geographical location, they can either … The Journal of Transcultural Nursing is the official journal of the Transcultural Nursing Society. The significance of cultural concepts in nursing. Based on a review of the literature on child maltreatment laws and cultural factors in each region, a range definition is proposed. Important considerations made in serving this population include low acculturation to U.S. culture, monolingual Spanish speaking, cross-border mobility, and dietary behaviors influenced by access to culturally preferred regional foods, some of which may not be nutritionally optimal. Limited information is available about Arab Americans' smoking behaviors. The purpose of this article is to analyze the concept of psychological acculturation using Walker and Avant's strategy for concept analysis. �( �+x���n�Ϲ��R��iE�?���?�������~)%��e�HF�A�ל0MI ���)a!O5�n9A&�S�#���@'�����{0-˵mRJ��1+��lf�Q�|��[݇�"f����2A8��f&i���x �&��4���?���L��;�r For men who have lived in the United States for 12 years or more, their adherence should be closely monitored. The broad-based journal was founded on two key tenets, i.e. With a focus on culture, aging, and health, this creative learner-centered approach, called Cultural Discovery, emphasizes learning outcomes in both the cognitive and affective domains. This module comprises 4 weeks of student learning and is coordinated by a network of 26 colleges in 14 European countries. The purpose of this cross-cultural qualitative study is to describe and interpret the Korean American families' (KAFs') caregiving experiences for their mentally ill grown children. Of these, 91,000 children are HIV+ (Case Studies for Global Health, 2009) and approximately 550,000 children younger than of 17 years had lost one or Multiple regression analysis demonstrates that by order of importance, the factors that determine maternal depression are family strain, parental stress, and family income. Studies are needed to further examine the workplace discrimination relationship with specific health indicators for Arab Americans. endstream endobj 169 0 obj <>stream Leininger's culture care modes were used to explain culturally meaningful nursing care actions and decisions. The factor of stunting in infants and its relation to factors in Transcultural Nursing cannot be explained yet. Valuable data were gathered about the family caregivers' conceptions of care. Regarding an adolescent as immature or in a process of becoming might hinder adolescents' distinctive culture and circumstances. 1.�{B��Ԙ�I�@ (T�[8�R��f����=Fr���J'܅�����BYS��:�����[�L�s����`Q&4���������+�����?��@��!���C3(yzvʔ��]��J�㬷�m�~�P�b� The Journal Impact 2019-2020 of Journal of Transcultural Nursing is 1.570, which is just updated in 2020.Compared with historical Journal Impact data, the Metric 2019 of Journal of Transcultural Nursing grew by 29.75 %.The Journal Impact Quartile of Journal of Transcultural Nursing is Q2.The Journal Impact of an academic journal is a scientometric Metric that reflects … Other titles: Journal of multicultural nursing and health Start year: 1995 End year: 2007 Frequency: Three no. Fourteen hypotheses were tested. Seven KAF caregivers were purposefully sampled. J��� �j�zaH��(�: x��C(�~quC;Qs��,���•Sgk7O"�NƬpѝw~l�䁁�2��t�a��)F�����}$��5.�?������yApj�X�ԑ���7���M�@7�Ά With the belief that diversity is strength, the community of Reading, Pennsylvania, set forth an effort to meet the challenges of the disparity within the local nursing workforce with a comprehensive, long-term approach for the recruitment and retention of an underrepresented group. Journal description. Ø���VX��a�0G��0[;��X#A^����w�[�B*��� ʯ{��j�����~ ��v�19>���0�䝾��u�+6#,dy|�Ğ�� ����jb3r�\����q����榖���r{��-�0ݘ�iŤ�ec�hxu� B,�>.�. The key features of transcultural nursing are examined in the context of multicultural Britain as follows: definitions, racism, ethnocentrism, culture, diversity, transcultural health care practice and nurse education. Data were collected at an annual KA Community Medical Health Fair and analyzed following the guidelines for interpreting the PHQ-9. The findings of this analysis indicate the significance of transcultural knowledge in nursing practice and the legal accountability nurses hold on the issue of child maltreatment. The IJNS aims to support evidence informed policy and practice by publishing research, systematic and other … The ethnonursing research method was used and data were collected through interviews with seven key and eight general informants. ��ጒ�#8g�מ�?.�u��Va�+a$U�(�r�u[j�2��-�T �7�f�/�K[���X(�,�1`A )�GK�G��Au��;���tr�y+Q0R��o`J���l֦��h��H X�,�[���? Kuopio, Finland/June 9-12, 1997, Strategic Planning to Prepare Transcultural Nursing Society for the 21st Century, Teaching Transcultural Nursing to Transform Nursing for the 21st Century, Major Directions for Transcultural Nursing: A Journey into the 21st Century, The Use of the Patient Health Questionnaire 9 Korean Version (PHQ-9K) to Screen for Depressive Disorders Among Korean Americans, The Conceptions of Care Among Family Caregivers of Persons Living With HIV/AIDS in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Nursing in a Global Community: A Study Abroad Program, The Consular Program for Mexican Communities Abroad: A Source of Outreach for Health Workers, Transcultural Nursing Considerations of Child Abuse/Maltreatment in American Samoa and the Federated States of Micronesia, The Meaning of Child Abuse for Nurses in Taiwan, Founder's Focus: Cultural Diffusion Trends, Uses, and Abuses in Transcultural Nursing, Extending Cultural Competence Through Systems Change: Academic, Hospital, and Community Partnerships, Academic-Community Partnerships: Opening the Doors to a Nursing Career, Commentary on "American Academy of Nursing Expert Panel on Global Nursing and Health: White Paper on Global Nursing and Health", Acceptance of a Nutrition Curriculum for HIV-Positive Latinos Living on the U.S.--Mexico Border, Latino Parents’ Accounts of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Psychological Acculturation: A Concept Analysis With Implications for Nursing Practice, Association of Acculturation Status With Beliefs, Barriers, and Perceptions Related to Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Among Racial and Ethnic Minorities, Leininger's acculturation health care assessment tool for cultural patterns in traditional and non-traditional life ways, Adapting a Measure of Acculturation for Cross-Cultural Research, The Effect of Social Support and Acculturation on Postpartum Depression in Mexican American Women, Arab Americans' Acculturation and Tobacco Smoking, Hispanic Acculturation: A Concept Analysis, Acculturation and the Cancer Pain Experience, Transcultural Nursing Care: Achieving Understanding in a Practice Setting, Reflections Across Boundaries: The European Nursing Module, Cultural Discovery: An Innovative Philosophy for Creative Learning Activities, Delay in Seeking Health Care for Acute Coronary Syndromes in a Lebanese Sample, The Adaptation of Mothers of Children With Intellectual Disability in Lebanon, Addressing Childhood Overweight: Strategies Learned From One Latino Community, Gender Differences in Chinese Immigrants: Predictors for Antihypertensive Medication Adherence, Transcultural nursing administration: an imperative worldwide, African American Adolescent Perceptions of Vulnerability and Resilience to HIV, Barriers and Facilitators of Adolescent Health in Rural Kenya, Taking Love Seriously: The Context of Adolescent Pregnancy in Colombia, Predictors of Narghile (Water-Pipe) Smoking in a Sample of American Arab Yemeni Adolescents, Intergenerational Analysis of Dietary Practices and Health Perceptions of Hispanic Women and their Adult Daughters, Korean American Family Experiences of Caregiving for their Mentally Ill Adult Children: An Interpretive Inquiry, Adult Male Involvement in Reproductive Health: An Ethnographic Study in a Community of Sao Paulo City, Brazil, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, Journal / Magazine / Newspaper, Internet Resource. A conceptual analysis focuses on defining child maltreatment from the perspective of two Island nations in the Pacific Basin, American Samoa and the Federated States of Micronesia. Measurements for demographics, cultural factors, clinical factors, and medication adherence were self-administered by the participants. Content analysis was used to identify themes. The Journal of Transcultural Nursing is abstracted and indexed in Scopus, MEDLINE, the Science Citation Index Expanded, and the Social Sciences Citation Index. Acculturation has been correlated with traditional cardiovascular disease risk factors. Cultural Diversity plays a very important role and will continue to play an even greater role as we move into a more diversified world. Several themes emerge: parents' demanding work schedules, lack of time, transportation issues, opportunities for physical activities, and lack of meal preparation. Although some of the circumstances encountered by Latino parents resemble those typically found in the literature about ADHD and families, their experience is rendered inordinately complex by multiple overlapping sociocultural, linguistic, and parental circumstances. No impact factor infomation for this journal. The Journal of Transcultural Nursing is the official journal of the Transcultural Nursing Society. In keeping with our mission to “excite critical thinking and stimulate action toward a preferred future for nursing, health and healthcare,” we welcome submissions on a range of topics related to combatting the racism in our midst. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the utility of a translated instrument to screen for depressive disorders among Korean Americans (KAs). Findings provide a base for understanding child abuse from the perspectives of nurses and a beginning understanding of interventions needed to improve identification and reporting of child abuse in Taiwan. H��WPU���s�{婨�(����~0�D���Cj�F�ؼ�I3�Θ�Z�h��1��TM&��ƶִ����1*��6*�1� �W�Yr��(��?Ŏ��k@w��츣�N��v�ꏝ����<9�����f�7{O^GNZJfۜ��{�Fv������N���i�4�}�����I/z���|"u��ܢ���+�NM��(�4|mV��`'��������1E�۪�s���[��WEO �|�}��B��s@� Transcripts of interviews were coded using N-VIVO and analyzed thematically. Nursing (SSCI) 56 out of 121 | Nursing (SCIE) 59 out of 123. %%EOF Less acculturated minorities were more likely to have health beliefs that may impede prevention, have greater perceived susceptibility to disease, and believe in an external locus of control. 204 0 obj <>stream The usefulness of the PHQ-9K to screen for depressive disorders in KAs at a primary care setting was confirmed. A multivariate logistic regression was used to establish a parsimonious prediction model for medication adherence. 2�f���;�f���x�0� �V?L宜ժ���{�S�zh~��|g �_޳0V�i��%���r� @VJ7"�;5��yZ���ϯ�2�7���C�]�We�쪲�_�rV������}q����M]}?�'�7��Ia�%���z�߳�ah_J9l��}n�67����-3IC�Vf������j�?TM�9�/�RM�_*d_�u���_��6����Q�òǜ�͡+�_嶫��CY�>2�C�n��0��P���W=\7���u ��j&�)uU���,��:׭�m:������` ��� The two years line is equivalent to journal impact factor ™ (Thomson Reuters) metric. Description of the program and benefits of study abroad programs are discussed as well as a student perspective on the transcutural experience in Ghana. }��X Defining features were derived from evaluation of child abuse and neglect laws in each specified population. The authors bring greater clarity to this process of acculturation to help nurses understand individuals'health behaviors. Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The purpose of this study was to examine the association between acculturation and health beliefs, barriers, and perceptions related to cardiovascular disease prevention. Experimentation with tobacco was found to be significant in predicting narghile smoking. It is hoped that through the module, students are helped to acquire cultural sensitivity, which leads toward the development of a culturally competent health care practitioner. From the 18 registered nurses interviewed, four major categorical themes emerged that were integral to nurses' experiences working with abused children: the meaning of child abuse, conflict, feeling frustrated, and nurses' roles. Nursing and Care is an peer-reviewed journal for the rapid publication of innovative research covering all aspects of Nursing and Health Care. H��VMs�F�k���v�^��C�tb;m�:�j��%3�5���P�����/�$%Y�b]+HK ��t4Nٿ�w#ƀ�>�2D(k�?���W�-�:�6�G�w��D J͖��i&�q���v��ayK�j1�܏���Pb9��0��Z��P�A\YgˢY���2�yy߆x��(�`1R�{+bv����$m?�PRI��R@�Y�0��1��Hi-~����ɪ��e3�|,ǂ��1#Fp�f�;�{��"/=���*[t��+���]�,g��I�Q����P�t��pI��5����}:� �3���Q)Tb�0�q���� f.�|�S���sn+źJa\��5=��5 ������ ]�p��K���0s�?�r��u���μG��.�rp�҅�S$�ED��f��⩄��U�����Š����>dx+|Uվ�V���O\�.���]��#�|*K8-\���(�:��'��߻�q�xZh���o�U�[Al"�%Ml{��AX�n ��!�-�N�6.��ZKM�����#:����ZI�k�};T+\���H�Kt���[,�����i�G�>2 �I�$�7�a��l��Bz ��EG�=QhC�~j��5xhgI�A�M�^Y�}||4Z�kPmu+�>[��`D��4|���Zm�]q��FԜh.� �Jt��+���=�^�bV`"/�U�굆��ER��p�F��S��,���˪��nc@��%�Z3B�yiY�ˮ����~2�kɭ�c}��clc�����,o�D�ڇ��:N��Dq-"�Qf���v� ��)g?����M���(�-�������j�����2���8HCSW�f��Q֗�������8`~�����[�� �}o�Y���} ��+�=���m���!�s��R=��M�`c90T���a3$ �ݞ�gQ$D*Mٖ����~�ھ��!/�����.��(�V��`}��胡 The purpose: About the Journal. Analyses revealed a significant positive correlation between acculturation and tobacco dependence and between tobacco exposure and tobacco dependence. Nursing interventions must address multiple challenges with childhood obesity at the family and community levels. This was a cross-sectional, correlational Internet study among 104 Hispanic and 114 Asian cancer patients. H.���Y���}iQ��CG*n&n�=�;��c�ڳj�X�f�`���"�g�Z�z��bL=����aI�_w>k�[? She explains and shows the readerhow transcultural nursing theory can be disseminated and implemented." In many Middle Eastern countries, including Lebanon, there is a stigma attached to families who have an intellectually impaired child. Women expressing prenatal depression were more likely to continue to experience depression postpartum. Methods of accessing information concerning transcultural nursing or health care will be the major emphasis of this department. The Journal of Transcultural Nursing is the official journal of the Transcultural Nursing Society.The mission of the journal is to serve as a peer-reviewed forum for nurses, health care professionals, and practitioners in related disciplines to discuss issues related to the advancement of knowledge in the areas of culturally congruent health care delivery and to promote the … The findings suggest lack of knowledge of ACS symptoms and the need for public education in this regard. Patient-centered nutrition education and counseling can improve the health of HIV-positive persons. ���`����4p�#���d�,��c0`��4o�kݼ�X�CaQ�B*��qcHm��x�$j���3w �6��J����>��7׳c����Q�`��c��pu����{�*�`cc�r���7�e�c�~a�bbj�g���x�>���4�>����=��p�ĝ�ј�|����z��oq�Jg&V�ˢr3��B��e�� �>/Filter/FlateDecode/Height 55/Length 14022/Name/X/Subtype/Image/Type/XObject/Width 343>>stream TCN is ranked 59/123 in the “Nursing - SCIE” category, and 56/121 in “Nursing - SSCI”. No impact factor infomation for this journal. Data provided are for informational purposes only. Show your patients your respect for their culture by asking them about it, their beliefs, and related health care practices. Journal Impact 2018 di Journal of Transcultural Nursing è 1.570 (Ultimi dati nel 2019). The purpose of this article is to determine the effects of 9/11 on Arab American nurses' workplace discrimination in the Detroit metropolitan area. Participants knew good nutrition and exercise help prevent obesity. Psychological acculturation is a complex process that has been widely discussed in the literature of anthropology, psychology, and sociology. Implemented over an eight week period, Cultural Discovery assisted beginning nursing students to systematically conduct a basic general cultural assessment, identify some similarities and differences among individuals within cultural groups, distinguish between varying dimensions of acculturation, and discover the importance of culturally congruent nursing care. The method of category development proposed by the grounded theory method was used to develop categorical themes that reflected the nurses' experiences and perspectives. In 2017, the journal ranked 48 out of 114 in Nursing (Social Sciences) and 51 out of 116 in Nursing (Sciences), with an impact factor of 1.262. An effective approach to promoting widespread cultural competence is to work at the system level in which coalitions of community agencies partner with academic and health care organizations. Transcultural nursing is an essential aspect of healthcare today. �N�0��S Arab Americans who behaved most like their ethnic peers and spent more time with Arab Americans were more dependent on nicotine. The results, based on a sample of 127 mothers from Lebanon, reveal that a high percentage of mothers had depressive symptoms. Arab American smokers and ex-smokers (N = 96) participated in the study. We live in an era of constant change and transformation, which in return paves the way for cultural transparency. Using semistructured interviews and participant observation, 6 key informants and 12 general informants were interviewed in their home in Amharic language. Transcultural Nursing in South Africa: Prospects for the 1990's, Transcultural Nursing Goals and Challenges for 1991 and Beyond, Moving Transcultural Nursing into the 21st Century: Major Themes from the Annual Transcultural Nursing Society Conference: Royal Waikoloan Hotel, Ahupua'a Waikoloa, Hawaii, October 26-28, 1995, Sixth Annual Post-Graduate Transcultural Nursing Seminar: Royal Waikoloan Hotel, Ahupua'a Waikoloa, Hawaii, October 25, 1995. (a) finding out about ADHD, (b) taking on a biomedical meaning, (c) living between two cultures, (d) caring for a child with ADHD, and (e) looking toward the future with ADHD. Researchers are interested in analyzing the factors related to the incidence of stunting in children aged 24-59 months based on Transcultural Nursing. Although Filipino Americans are projected to become the largest Asian American ethnic group in this millennium, no acculturation measure existed for this group. ���pI$iY|���F7�>�0�� R���{T�����]X��Fi�Q�.��j�T���6>Z_I=i*5=_�1Ǣ�O���i����4�CE%�ƈ��("�bD`Yvv���~wfv1b��/�;�߽��~��d��:��d��:���׽m�t���ڿ�DXD�v��Mc��d���ߨ�]�GUU]V@9��?7���W�Ȇ�5�@�D�R@遉FL�D�� ]3���D��1����i The development of the module, the student experience, and the added value of the network are shared. The Alvernia College Nursing Department has taken a leadership role to coordinate many community and health care agencies with the goal of increasing the number of baccalaureate-prepared Hispanic and bilingual nurses to provide culturally competent and sensitive care to the community. The work of Walker and Avant is used as a guide to analyze and to clarify the definitions of acculturation in the Hispanic population. Tobacco use prevention and cessation interventions for this population can be focused on targeting the family and peer units, from which their identity is likely derived. The mission of the journal is to serve as a peer-reviewed forum for nurses, health care professionals , and practitioners in related disciplines to discuss issues related to the advancement of knowledge in the areas of culturally congruent health care delivery and to promote the … A tribute to Agnes Marie Aamodt, PhD, RN, FAAN, 1921-2006. The purpose of this study was to describe gender differences in predictors for antihypertensive medication adherence in Chinese immigrants. The program hosted at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, West Africa, provides opportunity for undergraduate and graduate health profession students to experience nursing, health care service and delivery in a developing country. The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore African American adolescent perceptions of vulnerability and resilience to HIV/AIDS within a cultural competency paradigm. Understanding cultural pain for improved health care. Impact Factors were just released, and Journal of Transcultural Nursing had a great showing: 1.441! Five major themes were identified: (a) realization of children's illness, (b) battling the disease of incompetence, (c) poignant processes of caregiving, (d) suffering as a way of life, and (e) journey toward spirituality. Improving hospital nurses’ transcultural nursing skills and, thus, their perceived transcultural self-efficacy has become a pressing issue for Chinese nursing management. HIV/AIDS is growing at a disproportional rate among African American adolescents. to publish the most exciting research with respect to the subjects of Nursing and Midwifery in Africa, and secondly, to advance the international understanding and development of nursing and midwifery … 2019 Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics): 105/123 (Nursing) 103/120 (Nursing (Social Science)) Nurses can use this knowledge to design and provide culturally congruent care to family caregivers and PLWAs in the community. 172 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2016AE70E72E284EB44B473976496C70><035A829298EF054F82A37723DEEE0324>]/Index[165 40]/Info 164 0 R/Length 56/Prev 360382/Root 166 0 R/Size 205/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Defining attributes include interaction between two cultures, change, learning, adaptation, and sociocultural context. The mission of the journal is to serve as a peer-reviewed forum for nurses, health care professionals , and practitioners in related disciplines to discuss issues related to the advancement of knowledge in the areas of culturally congruent health care delivery and to promote the … Development and testing of the Survey of Family Environment (SFE): A novel instrument to measure family functioning and needs for family support. A brief overview of the PCME and the health-related programs in which it is involved is provided. Findings were organized into seven categories (individual, family, peer, school, community, institutional, and cultural) according to a social-ecological framework to highlight the multiple social and environmental contexts that shape health the experiences rural Kenyan youth. Data were analyzed in Amharic using Leininger's phases of ethnonursing analysis for qualitative data and then translated to English. h�b```f``Ja`b`�oe�g@ ~V da�h ����a`�JThrb`v�ZCx� -ឲB�+i�RK���K�2=���4��T���l4�e-4W�LK��S|��q��q?�,����C���)y�l�g��YL�6^n��0U���3�o@�X’5��-4W�g�}D���y�l��7���2.��@�2�ett40�f f��da qX�c(��` L`B��� ��� P&��iV ����"ﶦ����}d�X`��pwj���-V��l^�@wf`��i��@���Z��0 �~� 1979. This trend has occurred despite the fact that 89% of schools have educational programs on HIV/AIDS. Although acculturation has been widely used as a health research variable among Hispanics, several inconsistencies exist in the definitions of this concept. The study reveals that adolescent pregnancy occurs in the context of a "genuine love affair" in which ideas of romantic love and gender rules guide young women's behaviour. It is argued that considerable cultural learning can occur from short international electives when students and teaching staff are well prepared and sensitised to cultural issues prior to their exchange. 1997. Ideas of romantic love and gender rules were powerful influences on those who unintentionally got pregnant. It is important for the health care provider to assess the presence of depressive symptoms and available social support during the prenatal period and work with Mexican American mothers to increase support and secure help in dealing with daily life stressors. A model case and contrary case are presented. 264 Journal of Transcultural Nursing 24(3) (FindTheData, 2007). Journal of Transcultural Nursing serves as a peer-reviewed forum for nurses, health care professionals, and practitioners in other disciplines to discuss issues related to the advancement of knowledge in areas of culturally congruent health care delivery and to promote the dissemination of research findings concerning the relationship among culture, nursing and other disciplines and the delivery of health care. Challenges to curriculum implementation and lessons learned for replication of the curriculum in other clinical settings are discussed. However, for some time, nursing education in China has been overly focused on basic medical education to the neglect of education in the humanities, resulting in an absence or shortage of transcultural nursing … Journals: Journal of Transcultural Nursing (JTN) Journal of Family Nursing (JFN) Selected English articles: Hohashi, N., & Honda, J. This article describes the development and implementation of a Spanish-language, community clinic-based, individually tailored, and culturally specific nutrition curriculum for HIV-positive Latinos living on the U.S.-Mexico border. The Patient Health Questionnaire– (PHQ-9) was selected and translated into Korean (PHQ-9K). Findings from a qualitative research study of the context of adolescent pregnancy are presented. ;�˽_���㒋����eo��>�%��C2%jn3=�����9@��n��Y1n�:�mS�*ŲG2�jg�Be-9r��>7�R����_`������� �������8g ]�`��������r��=���$�sq�� �{V��{���3�mWڈ The aim of this study was to describe Arab Americans' smoking behaviors and any relationship between tobacco dependence and acculturation. Articles regarding library searches, web page listings, internet resources, computer software packages and topics on informatics related to the journal’s subject matter are encouraged. Nursing Inquiry is issuing a Call for Submissions for an upcoming Special Issue on Anti-Racism. 0k 0��[����S� ���r�hI&�)�/6=����DM>�Dq�Д����ܙ��������,��`Mr�L���������~PRr���p�̜���(�꺻+ʈ���E��},}2��$ ��VJL�{�q�� The prevalence and complexity of factors that shape the health experiences of young people in rural Kenya displayed in these findings adds context to the importance of utilizing multipronged approaches to improving adolescent health by focusing on the social contextual determinants of health behaviors and outcomes. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to identify factors that play a role in mothers' adaptation to the care of their intellectually impaired children. Index Copernicus Value 63.44. Most participants did not experience demotion, but some experienced intimidation and patient rejection more often or with the same frequency following 9/11. An academic-community partnership was formed to develop multifaceted programs and support across school and community agency systems. 0 Lack of common sex education was found and informants' knowledge depended on their own families' involvement and individual life experience with machismo. Racial/ethnic minority participants in the Family Intervention Trial for Heart Health were included in this analysis. Nicotine dependence, acculturation, and tobacco use questionnaires were used to measure the major variables. This requires nurses to recognize and appreciate cultural differen … Early treatment of patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS) is crucial to reduce morbidity and mortality. The population was all mothers who have babies 6 to 12 months of age. The Journal of Transcultural Nursing is the official journal of the Transcultural Nursing Society. Evaluating acculturation in clinical practice may be an opportunity to promote awareness, healthy behaviors, and prevention among immigrants. Only Open Access Journals Only SciELO Journals Only WoS Journals This study was used analytical descriptive with a cross-sectional approach. The conclusions about nursing implications from a cultural perspective are discussed and recommendations proposed. With the dearth of linguistically and culturally valid measures for immigrant populations, the adaptation of valid measures developed for other cultures remains a viable option. Standards of Practice for Culturally Competent Nursing Care: 2011 Update Standard Description Standard 1: Social justice Professional nurses shall promote social justice for all. ... three and four years have been cited in the current year. 1966. Three focus groups, consisting of 12 mothers, 12 fathers, and 8 boys and 4 girls ages 10-12, participated. �^$��h������� Implementing this vision will require national as well as local leadership across public and private sectors. The themes revealed were confidence, safe social activities, innocence, image, music/drug culture, and peer pressure. endstream endobj startxref This allowed for a rich explication of this study's complex caregiving phenomena. This article describes a systematic and replicable process used in adapting and modifying A Short Acculturation Scale for Hispanics (ASASH) for use with Filipino Americans. Nursing Journals of OMICS publications are Open Access with high impact factors creating a platform to share and gain the knowledge in Nursing. To facilitate discussion, the adolescents developed collages from pictures in African American magazines. It depicts the multiple and iterative steps of translation and backtranslation to produce A Short Acculturation Scale for Filipino Americans (ASASFA) in English and in Tagalog--the Philippine national language. A systems approach includes all health practitioners, reducing current discrepancies across disciplines, and establishes cultural competence as the standard. The results demonstrated that 15.4% of sample participants might need treatment for depression depending on the duration of symptoms, severity, and functional impairment, and 7.5% of participants definitely required treatment for depressive symptoms. (�Z�@�i�h�P�,� �985J ��N�%T;OM�w��0R��0)-��Y������c8���ET?O��t�1y�j��¨���+`�ҭ�`Gjg�G����� Yet there was no significant association of acculturation to cancer pain scores. International Journal of Africa Nursing Sciences (IJANS) is an international scientific journal published by Elsevier. Also, it describes the methods undertaken for the measures to achieve linguistic and cross-cultural validity through content, technical, experiential, semantic, and conceptual equivalence. #D��m��`Rz٭6Ri��X-��>�ӣ���=S����Z8 I�k��Y3����$�7�8z! While these Island nations already have child abuse and neglect laws, they are adapted from the United States. Transcultural nursing means being sensitive to cultural differences as you focus on individual patients, their needs, and their preferences. The purpose of this study was to explore nurses' experiences and perspectives regarding child abuse in Taiwan. Borderline features were derived from cultural factors in American Samoa and the Federated States of Micronesia. The U.S. population consists of members from different racial and ethnic groups and depending on their geographical location, they can either … The purpose of this article is to describe a philosophical approach for integrating general transcultural nursing concepts and skills within a first semester associate degree nursing course. Two research questions were formulated: What is the prevalence of depression as determined by using the PHQ-9K among KAs attending a community-based health fair? Postpartum depression was studied in 66 multiparous Mexican American women using a prospective longitudinal design. Madeleine Leininger’s (1978) theory of transcultural nursing embodies the basis of this work: If human beings are to survive and live in a healthy, ... “open-mindedness” and possess the drive to care about the impact on the patient (“Nursing,” 1996), even though the situation may pose cultural challenges to the nurse. Interviews were conducted at 34 to 36 weeks prenatally and 4 to 6 weeks postpartum. Direction for future research and implications for nursing practice are presented. Blood pressure was checked twice. Higher education, presence of dyspnea, intermittent symptoms, and waiting for symptoms to go away predicted longer delays, whereas intensity of symptoms and active response (going to the hospital) predicted shorter delays. (2012). There were significant differences in cancer pain scores by country of birth. Using a feminist perspective, the relationship between acculturation and cancer pain experience was explored. To provide directions for adequate cancer pain management, further studies with a larger number of diverse groups of immigrant cancer patients are needed. Unlabelled: Y��w*����812�נ�ޝVsPꡟ �̃>��Y���g%�.�Y�yY;�}$�p��e끺-G. ���`D�V�`������+z�hr�v���d��?f��zJE�$� ��l�]5yJ�w�,!w��=ɜ=��l���� ��Z��A&�_~q���i~�:+r�l�-[��vc�W��(j��� SOΈ�j��r"#��E��rV� -�W�R��A�K_��>�a�W~u�,d' Q���C��� �^H]������`f���WG�= �e�Y�NƩ4�ɀP�ʌ(�T����g~V�_R��*�Sz���sb�G��gD�5�N�u\r�-�q~���Eq�����:xe�'岳 �]/��� Median time from symptom onset to hospital arrival was 4.5 hours. hެ�Mo�0����p`l��QU��@ !�����p��� I���L6E��B�ؚ�ǯ��`�:X��#K_Ld�@� ��d��6�M�C1JxMqQ��yEH������s���@/�6H��H��z�� �kI ��?Q�]��H�Dn�)#�:���e�?1�Ť�뱋㐶�O4 �s�~(P��m�k��j����Ɇ��ɦ����,N�Lv�ʼnG��ɉ�Hy�t��]0I]�U�h�t-(*~D0���~�Y���7��Gg�4�����Y���F. The Pearson correlation yielded a significant relationship for the 76 subjects between fat intake (dietary practice) and health perception: The more fat (meat/snacks) intake, the more negatively women perceived their health status (p = .0001). �FجG�!�׆e`�ˊ�oe��9PFL��P/��G�ї�fם(��%jaS�U�y�_�g@LI����/']i��#60��h�����j���6�:����R�F��:��BF��}Qe���'�Wյp�l�A,�H�;2�F�v��o YV�8�N6kUm�L_Ogd�=��>;�RrY��G�#:�@�+����}�9Od�z݌�Qn�������"� Antecedents, defining attributes, and consequences are identified, discussed, and summarized. The International Journal of Nursing Studies (IJNS) provides a forum for original research and scholarship about health care delivery, organisation, management, workforce, policy and research methods relevant to nursing, midwifery and other health related professions. This study indicated inconsistent findings. These families complain of isolation and lack of community resources that could help them cope with their circumstances to optimize the child's abilities. Impact Factor. The instruments included both unidimensional and multidimensional cancer pain measures. The degree at which unreasonable harm becomes abuse is culturally dictated, hence, these territories of the Pacific Basin are seeking culturally specific terminology when defining child maltreatment. Nursing in a global community is a study abroad program at Georgia Southern University School of Nursing. A group of 8 adolescents at an African American church participated in a focus group to discuss vulnerability and resilience to HIV. %PDF-1.7 %���� ���*/�*�؞�v��� � "5È�.$]�mY�Gy�� M[p�1i[%�p�D��Ą�u���������i��1���7%��oY�|�0=�G݄C��k���(��c��>�ozd7oP�+��(�p�����I����V���E���jnGx�T��y���fs�P�;]Q�(����|�ÆϏL�S�w%OP��q��F�p����d��%7�:��c$����WgN�Q�#��=z 8d��}���C-�V@ӳn��Ƹ�[�_N��JvQ3Ш���f��SD w-���]�/�#z � �"�f��_�G� 9�ѕ��C�.5��}�bۺ`��Q̫S �*i��{�9[�x�Cˣ�"�]��<3��E��ʄ�˂���&��(�H�MoQBP endobj Rispetto allo storico Journal Impact, l'Journal Impact 2018 di Journal of Transcultural Nursing è cresciuto del 29.75 %.Il quartile del fattore di impatto di Journal of Transcultural Nursing è Q2.Nell'editoria accademica il fattore di impatto (impact Metric o IF in inglese e generalmente … The purpose of this study was to examine delay in seeking care for ACS symptoms in a Lebanese sample and identify predictors of delay. This descriptive, correlational, two-group study investigated differences between dietary practices, acculturation, and health perceptions in a convenience sample of Hispanic mothers and their adult daughters (N = 76, 47 mother-daughter dyads). In-depth audiotaped interviews were conducted in Korean, and Korean metaphors, images, and dreams were translated into English. Other predictors included a high need for postpartum support, specific support network characteristics, acculturation, and poor quality relationships within the family. Towards conceptualization of transcultural health care systems: concepts and a model. The participants completed five measures. Health professionals and researchers should be cognizant of factors related to the process of stress adaptation to help families cope with their circumstances. [s��)������ûAu�qSL_����*�e(�!xŦ�>|z�gE��K�*��N���]73{Zvos��=�p� �qzr��9.�͒�V�B���]H6�O+?+$�N��5��ĭ'����:�a����[�E�D���^��̮���vD"�`�bJU�͒*����+���)e.�PG�h����9�>�I�)d8��4�J�Sb�cځ��S�?PU��q����U�S�á�����f� Pz��4 ��X���H���|�_rgT.��}ر���� ;�/�ajR�$ r���;Kj>Q� ���=�'W�0���o�����FAD��VT�+�����^�6�?���q�w` 8u�ޭʥێr��d����79K6�v�Y�rPU�� �t��ǧ��U��/�����%/���^�A4��TGn��O�*�/ˣ.�D�n@���?eDϧ����p��*p����T������W�o�ѬK(���al���YJ��, \��@"[�, ���4s[��&q�7�h�x|���X@G�]�bj�f�R�.ǩ����jһy��f�p25 &���91fTzB��Q��.Ӥ/�/�5.��YXUXᩭm P�u"Ld6�wu�Z��qV�f~.Ɏ��:j^.��lT⁻�S�6RY�?��R���8tH��Ë'h6Q�� �q��%��ܷn�E�;�vt�SS�s>���[�ɿٯ֨��Q!SA�!4LD�FWN5���y�8�I*��|�(�I0�Ɯ�-�(j-��E �|���}�����>�.����'�_�ܳ�>������i���a��Ҩ?���ym�1�+��]d���'���|�yoX���a� (4 years) 1999: 0.254: Cites / Doc. We are committed to developing the quality and impact of our journals This focused ethnographic study explores and describes the conceptions of care among family caregivers of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWAs) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
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