The Juneau Icefield. Mendenhall Glacier The Mendenhall Glacier is located in Auke Bay, Juneau and is possibly the easiest glacier on this list to see. Although used to people, the bears are wild and not house pets, owners Ken and Michelle Ward remind visitors. Currently, the Taku is resting. There are two tours available, one landing on Mendall Glacier, the other on Norris Glacier. Mendenhall Glacier information:-- Juneau Ranger District, USDA Forest Service, 8465 Old Dairy Road, Juneau, AK 99801; phone( 907) 586-8800.-- Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, (907) 789-0097, daily mid-May through October, weekends October through March. You'll fly over mountains, glaciers, and valleys until you reach one of the magnificent glaciers where you'll have ample time to walk on the river of ice and learn about its creation. Box 33597, Juneau, AK 99803; (907) 586-8258. Flying over the Mendenhall Glacier from the Juneau Icefield Deep crevasses slice through the Mendenhall Glacier Flying down the Mendenhall Glacier The helicopter prepares to land on the Mendenhall Glacier Glacier Trekking. . Length: 3 ½ hours. It’s remarkably large, even by Alaskan standards. Much of our understanding of the Ice Age comes from studying active glaciers. The more challenging aspect of Mendenhall Glacier is getting close to it. -- Ken & Michelle Ward, Taku Glacier Lodge, P.O. **THIS TOUR IS NO LONGER TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR THE 2020 SEASON** The Juneau Icefield extends more than 1,500 square miles and is home to nearly 40 large glaciers, including the famous Mendenhall Glacier and the Taku Glacier. Another way to see the ice field is to spring for a meal at the Taku Glacier Lodge, about 30 air miles from Juneau in the Taku River valley. Both the Denver and the Mendenhall Glaciers lay within the Tongass National Forest, originating within the 1,500 square mile Juneau Icefield, blanketing the Coast Mountains for 100 miles along the U.S. Canada boarder from Juneau to Skagway. More adventurous travelers can take their Alaska glacier tours to the next level with dog sledding, helicopter, and even canoe tours. This famous glacier is a must-see for anyone who stops in Juneau as part of a cruise vacation. -- Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, (907) 789-0097, daily mid-May through October, weekends October through March. But scientists predict it will begin advancing again soon - blocking the Taku River and perhaps destroying one of Southeast Alaska's premier salmon runs. But it is even lovelier on those drizzly afternoons when it's mile-and-a-half-wide face turns blue as lapis. Sunlight put friendly sparkles on the vast expanse of ice stretching before us, but we'd been warned that sudden storms and severe drops in temperature are always possible here. Your tour with start with a helicopter ride up to our beloved dog sled camp situated on a glacier. This fully narrated excursion will take you by train up to the summit of the White Pass which is 2,865-feet in elevation! You can travel to a remote musher’s camp and let 10 Alaskan Huskies pull you along one of Juneau’s glaciers. Answer 1 of 6: If you had to choose between doing a flightseeing tour of Mt McKinley (from Talkeetna) and glacier landing vs. a helicopter tour and landing on Mendenhall which would you choose for sheet beauty of the experience???!! On a map of the Juneau Icefield, Taku Glacier is a distinguished ribbon that winds out of the southeast corner of the icefield as an outlet glacier. Our helicopter-based icefield and glacier dog sledding tour whisks you from the dock to the glacier with the maximum comfort and safety. Visitors come from around the world to trek on the 3,000-year-old icefield itself or … The full cancellation policy can be found here. One of the most popular tours in Skagway, the White Pass Railroad summit tour isn't one to miss. Undoubtedly, the centerpiece is the splendor of Mendenhall Glacier, which is visual as much as it’s a treat for the other senses. Juneau Icefield Research Program. On the ground we were quiet, speaking in hushed voices. You’ll start with a comfortable, Juneau Whale Watching and Mendenhall Glacier Tour, 212 Admiral Way Ste. There's also time to take an easy hike to see eagles' nests, listen to Ken Ward tell tales (some tall) of early going-ons at the lodge, or simply relax in a porch swing and watch the river go by. The Face on Mendenhall Glacier. During summer months, nearby Steep Creek is great for salmon watching; sockeye return mid-July through August and coho salmon appear mid-September through December. But the real show is the massive Taku Glacier. It offers the Glacier Panorama Tour, a one-hour flight over back-country gold mines and the Juneau Icefield, including a 15-20 minute glacier landing, $157. The Mendenhall Glacier. This tour to the infamous Taku Glacier Lodge is the ultimate Alaskan experience. A dynamic glacier, the Mendenhall is constantly advancing and retreating; it's retreating about 75 feet each year. Or . Two companies offer helicopter trips to the glacier, both recommend making reservations at least two weeks in advance. Walk off your meal while exploring one of the beautiful trails - or continue to relax at the Lodge and soak in the beauty. The highlight of a stop-over in Juneau as part of an Alaska Cruise, is the opportunity to walk on the Mendenhall Glacier. You’ll have the chance to land on top of a glacier and walk along its surface. Please send an email to [email protected] letting us know which tours you would like to cancel as we must have all cancelation requests in writing. Box 21468, Juneau, AK 99802; (907) 586-2030. The Juneau Icefield Research Program has monitored the outlet glaciers of the Juneau Icefield since 1942, including Mendenhall Glacier. Because it was a brilliant clear morning, our pilot took the long way home, flying low over ridges in search of mountain goats and bears. Right behind the mountains that surround Juneau is a 1500 square mile icefield which is larger than the size of Rhode Island. A ticket buys a seat on a floatplane, an hour of flight-seeing, fine home cooking, and a chance to see bears. In other words, it is HUGE and will be here for a long time. About Once you land on the glacier, you'll have a chance to walk around and explore as your guide describes the history of the million-year-old ice fields! But there's also evidence that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may be causing global warming, increasing the rate at which the polar ice caps are melting. Visiting the Juneau Icefield. Port: Juneau. For Reservations: Wings of Alaska, 1890 Renshaw Way, Juneau, AK 99801; phone (907) 789-0790 or fax (907) 789-2021. Juneau Icefield. The pilot will point out at least five glaciers fed by the Juneau Icefield. Book your tickets online for Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, Juneau: See 7,001 reviews, articles, and 4,410 photos of Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, ranked No.5 on Tripadvisor among 66 attractions in Juneau. Recommended Juneau Tours: Juneau Whale Watching and Mendenhall Glacier Tour, Glacier View from Photo Point Trail (Photo by Camera Eye Photography / CC BY)). Skagway Dog Sledding & Glacier Flightseeing Helicopter Tour. Recommended Juneau Tour: Juneau Taku Lodge and Flightseeing by Floatplane, Taku Glacier Lodge (Photo by Shelby Bell / CC BY). If you have already received tickets, please call the local tour operator phone number listed on your tickets for tour-specific questions as they will be the best resource to answer unique questions. Skagway White Pass Railroad Summit Excursion & Train Tour. Flights are provided by Wings of Alaska, a locally owned company. **THIS TOUR IS NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS FOR THE 2021 SEASON** You can drive, or take a tour bus to the glacier. We were bound to the earth, but felt as if we'd landed on Pluto. The river is a leading source for sockeye and coho salmon. We of course want the best of both, lots of heli viewing but lots of time to walk/hike the glaciers. Annual snowfall on the icefield often exceeds 100 feet and the cold temperatures at higher elevations keep the snow from melting. Please send an email to [email protected] letting us know which tours you would like to cancel as we must have all cancelation and change requests in writing. The plane takes off down Gastineau Channel for the 30-minute flight to the lodge. Research suggests another ice age looms. Experience this exciting dog sledding adventure on the Herbert Glacier. Get all the amazing views of a helicopter glacier tour, and add in the thrill of a dog sled ride. The visitor’s center offers stroller and wheelchair-accessible trails that lead to photo-friendly viewpoints. It spills into the Juneau suburbs, 13 miles from city center. The Juneau Icefield Research Program has monitored the outlet glaciers of the Juneau Icefield since 1942, including Mendenhall Glacier. The Mendenhall Glacier is 1.5 miles wide, hundreds of feet thick and is fed by the 1,500 square-mile Juneau Icefield. The glacier has also retreated 1.75 miles (2.82 km) since 1958, when Mendenhall Lake was created, and over 2.5 miles (4.0 km) since 1500. Muted creaks and groans suggested an incredible strain on the ice. In order to receive a refund, changes and cancellations must be made more than 7 days prior to your tour date. There are no tours of the camp. . Water depth at the glacier's terminus is 220 feet. The West is Big! The glacier and surrounding landscape is protected as part of the 5,815 acres (2,353 ha) Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area, a federally designated unit of the Tongass National Forest. Juneau Icefield (Photo by USDA Photo Service Alaska / CC BY) Mendenhall Glacier. Recommended Skagway Tour: Skagway White Pass Railroad Summit Excursion, Stunning views from the White Pass Railroad. Scientists believe the ice field contains critical information about our future. The icefield is the source of many glaciers including the Mendenhall Glacier and the Taku Glacier. The glacier is 30 miles long, the largest in the Juneau Icefield. Individuals interested in applying to the summer program, or wishing more information about the research effort may contact: -- Dr. Maynard Miller, director, The Glaciological and Arctic Sciences Institute, College of Mines and Earth Resources, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83843. Dogsledding is Alaska's favorite sport and now you have a chance to take part! Getting to the Taku Glacier Lodge has a splash of adventure -- you’ll travel via floatplane. Whether you have 45 minutes or a few hours to spare, you can count on beautiful views. Before you plan your glacier tour, get familiar with these common destinations. You can stand on the sled and mush, or you can relax while sitting - either way, it's going to be an amazing experience! Maynard Miller has been studying the Juneau ice field since the 1940s. **THIS TOUR IS NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS FOR THE 2021 SEASON** Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, and more as you relax and enjoy the ride! It was an exhilarating flight up the 12 mile length of the glacier, and we laughed outloud as the helicopter swooped around snowy peaks. Glacier National Park Hiking & Lodging guide By Travel writer/photographer Steve Salis - Duration: 1:32:05. Visiting Juneau Alaska or Skagway Alaska this summer? **THIS TOUR IS NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS FOR THE 2021 SEASON** Adult Rate: $149.00. The trip begins in downtown Juneau, near the cruise-ship docks. Your journey begins with a narrated flight in one of our seaplanes to the remote Lodge. Juneau Icefield (Photo by USDA Photo Service Alaska / CC BY). The ancient glacier is about 22 km long, travelling from the Juneau Icefield and ending at Mendenhall lake, formed naturally in the late 1920s from its melting ice. While there, be sure to watch a brief film about how the Mendenhall is part of the 1,500-square-mile Juneau Icefield. Of the 38 glaciers flowing from the Juneau Icefield, the Mendenhall is the most accessible. Guests are not able to stay on the helicopter at the glacier. Juneau Dog Sledding & Glacier Helicopter Tour, **THIS TOUR IS NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS FOR THE 2021 SEASON** dog sledding on a glacier. -- Juneau Ranger District, USDA Forest Service, 8465 Old Dairy Road, Juneau, AK 99801; phone( 907) 586-8800. ----------------------------------------------------------------- IF YOU GO. Back-up to take a photo, and you might just fall into a crevass. On clear days, the glacier is impressive. My husband, myself, son and daughter-in-law took a once in a lifetime Alaskan vacation cruise in July. Once there, you’ll take a short, adventurous drive across the forested glacial morianes to the base camp, where you’ll board a 31-foot voyager canoe for more views and exploring. Despite its strong, foreboding appearance, this icy world seemed fragile. Enjoy a picnic lunch before ending your tour! Rugged crevasses, azure blue ice, and the sheer expanse are humbling and awe-inspiring, giving you glimpses of what the Ice Age was like. The glacier has also retreated 1.75 miles (2.82 km) since 1958, when Mendenhall Lake was created, and over 2.5 miles (4.0 km) since 1500. Snap photos, revel in the beauty, and wander to your heart's content. Type: Glacier View, Rafting. Juneau Shore Tours Reservations • 1 … The Juneau Icefield is an ice field located just north of Juneau, Alaska, continuing north through the border with British Columbia, extending through an area of 3,900 square kilometres (1,500 sq mi) in the Coast Range ranging 140 km (87 mi) north to south and 75 km (47 mi) east to west. Once on the glacier, you'll meet the dogs and take off on the ultimate thrill of riding with the dog sled team. While there has been much talk over the years of connecting the city to the rest of North America it hasn't happened. When you visit Mendenhall, you’ll view the glacier from across a lake. The icefield's snowfall perpetually creates new glacial ice for Mendenhall Glacier and this ice takes 200-250 years to travel from the Juneau Icefield to Mendenhall Lake. The only glacier in Southeast Alaska accessible by road, Mendenhall’s grand edifice plunges from the immense Juneau Icefield, dropping 4,500 feet over 13 miles. Join us on a summer dogsledding adventure on the icefield and meet our Alaska huskies! If you would like to exchange one tour for a different one, you must create a new reservation for the new tour and send us an email to cancel the other tour. In order to receive a refund, changes and cancellations must be made more than 7 days prior to your tour date. Most visitors to Taku Glacier head to the Taku Glacier Lodge, which sits directly across from the glacier, and do a food tour. Scarface, a burly black bear, and several of his relatives hang out at the lodge. We are trying to chose which heli / landing /hike excursion for our Sept 2012 Juneau port visit. Upon arrival, you can take in the full view of this magnificent geologic phenomenon from an unobstructed vantage point. **THIS TOUR IS NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS FOR THE 2021 SEASON** Recommended Skagway Tour: Skagway Glacier Point Excursion to Haines, **THIS TOUR IS NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS FOR THE 2021 SEASON** If you’re on a tight schedule, a trip to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center provides fascinating information as well as excellent views of this ever-changing wonder. Most trails offer great views of the glaciers, including the East Glacier route - a three mile loop - plus the longer, steeper West Glacier trail which rewards you with unforgettable views of the glacier, crevasses and Mendenhall Valley. A glaciologist is at the site to answer questions, as are heli-tour staffers who repeatedly remind people "never, ever walk backwards on a glacier." Mendenhall Glacier tours are very popular. After a scenic helicopter ride, we'll take you up to the Denver Glacier dog camp where you'll meet professional 'mushers' and their friendly dogs before embarking. This part of the country is blanketed with them. The Juneau Icefield encompasses about 1,500 square miles of ice and is the beginning of many glaciers including Mendenhall, Lemon Creek, Herbert, Eagle, and Taku Glaciers. Take a gentle ride along Skagway’s White Pass Railroad, catching glacier views as you learn about Klondike Gold Rush history.
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