Here we provide various maps of Shanghai to informative your Shanghai Tours.Find the updated and detailed maps of Shanghai including Shanghai City Map, Shanghai Attraction Maps, Shanghai Transportation Map, Shanghai Subway Map and Shanghai Vicinity Map as well. The description of Shanghai Subway Map. Shanghai … Our Shanghai Subway map is diagrammatic, showing Shanghai's 14 subway lines, with lines color-coded and station names in English and Chinese characters. Longhua Line 12. Longyao Road. … We’ll have an update for on Saturday. For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map or click on one of the station names below. Check out our complete guide for more. At present, there are 16 Shanghai subway lines in operation, totaling 705 kilometers (438 miles). Thank you. Since the 1960s there has been much publicity surrounding the ghostly folklore and personal experiences encountered by many. My travel story from vacation; For years Kat and I have wondered if Seul Choix Point Lighthouse is really haunted. Metro in Beijing. Each subway route is colored distinctively on both maps The … Line 10 trains and stations have a lilac livery. If you can make it to the station before 10:30 pm you're guaranteed a fast ride back inside Shanghai's belly. Disney Resort. Lines Line 1 (Fujin Road - Xinzhuang) Line 2 (East Xujing - Pudong International Airport) Line 3 (Shanghai … Don't be frustrated by those offline maps on the market, because they are either in-accurate or not in English. Shanghai Subway Map. Where do you intend to go? East Sanlin. Shanghai Maps 2020: Updated, Detailed and Downloadable. It is Shanghai Railway station. Starts at Xinzhuang and ends at Fujin Rd. Most of Shanghai's old city centre can be reached via the handy red line. For this reason, the Shanghai Metro project began to be planned since the 1980s. Looking at a map of the metro system in Shanghai, with all of its 16 lines as of April 2015 (and counting), and still expanding on its existing 337 stations, can seem a bit like a badly rolled up yarn. It is not at all surprising that one might feel perplexed when first standing in front of the Shanghai Metro’s intricate map. Book your tickets online for Shanghai Metro, Shanghai: See 4,143 reviews, articles, and 1,035 photos of Shanghai Metro, ranked No.5 on Tripadvisor among 89 attractions in Shanghai. In order to have a glance of China subway network, here we’ve listed Beijing subway map, Shanghai subway map, Guangzhou subway map and more for you. Starts at East Xujing and ends at Pudong International Airport. Latest map of Shanghai subway, metro, train network. Alternatively, if you plan to get around the city mostly by metro, or if you're staying for a longer period, it may be worth getting one of the blue transit cards which have a streak of lightning across a background of blue. Starts at Shendu Highway and ends at Shiguang Rd. Travel & Local; Add Tags. There are 364 stations and 14 lines with more and more being added to this rapidly growing network. It’s enough to make your head spin! Shanghai Metro Map 2018 Latest map of Shanghai subway, metro, train network. Metro in Kyoto. 144-hour Visa-free Transit in Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. Shanghai Subway Map - Metro Lines & Stations All the maps are downloadable, please feel free to use them when planning your Shanghai … First there is a map of the Shanghai subway system that is … Looking at a map of the metro system in Shanghai, with all of its 16 lines as of April 2015 (and counting), and still expanding on its existing 337 stations, can seem a bit like a badly rolled up yarn. You will find on the right, for your reference, a map of the Shanghai Metro (in English and Chinese), including the 15 current lines and several sections under construction or planned. If the card has a T-Union logo on it, that means it's a T-Union card? Beijing Subway Map Beijing Subway Map >check the latest map . Shanghai has 17 Metro lines running all over the city, and two extensions of current lines will open by the end of this year. How to reach metro line 11 from Shanghai Pudong airport? Maps of Shanghai subway shows the 2020 Shanghai metro with 16 lines, nearby attractions & major stations. Shanghai Metro Guide and Subway Route Planner. The second seat costs CNY39.5/person. The line begins at Gucun Park in Baoshan District, and terminates at Zizhu Hi-tech Zone in Minhang District, via West Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai South Railway Station.It will be 42.3 kilometres (26.3 mi) in length and have 30 stations. The previous two metro services were the Beijing … That’s a light purple! Shanghai Subway (Metro) Map. Starts at two points: a) Hangzhong Rd., b) Hongqiao Railway Stn., and ends at Xinjiangwancheng. Starts at Meilan Lake and ends at Huamu Rd. This is a fairly simple app with quite a few options. This card is super useful, and convenient as it can be used for the metro, taxis, buses and the ferry. If I buy a maglev ticket to Pudong airport to longyang is valid to aboard metro to? Metro in Osaka. Line 10 will also include the first metro stops servicing the Gubei area. Thankfully, the city offers an official Shanghai metro website in English that you can visit to … And its Free! Metro in Hong Kong City. Free Downloadable Shanghai Metro Map If you’re traveling to Shanghai in the near future, there’s a lot of value in this free downloadable Shanghai Metro Map. ‎The unique offline subway map is geographically scaled to online maps so you know where you are relative to the rail lines. Longyang Road; Century Avenue; Xujiahui; South Shaanxi Road; People's Square; Hanzhong Road; Shanghai Railway Station; Zhongshan Park; West Nanjing Road; Yishan Road Both printable English and Chinese versions' metro maps … Before our investigation we had never seen or heard valid evidence to … Inside the fort were many other tourists. Secure Server. An easier way to get around the Shanghai Metro. The Shanghai Subway Map above shows the most up-to-date subway lines in the city (as of 2020), although this is constantly changing with new construction. If you can remember a few of these helpful hints, getting around the city will surely be a breeze. Yuqiao. Please click the image to enlarge the map. Shanghai is a huge city with a metro system to match. And its Free! Using APKPure App to upgrade Shanghai Subway Map, fast, free and save your internet data. Metro in Kobe. Here are some stops of interest; please mind the gap. Shanghai Metro Map. Which main railway station? No data or internet connection needed. The Shanghai Metro Company promise 108 bus lines servicing the new metro stations! The card can be used in multiple cities for public transport. As I know, you can purchase it at service counter of major metro stations in downtown area. No start or end point. The right is a metro map (English-Chinese version) for your reference, including the present 16 lines and several sections under construction or still being programmed. Shanghai Metro Shanghai Subway Map: Click to enlarge. Great for everyday reference or Tourist use. Staying near East Nanjing subway Road, how to take bullet train to Suzhou? We used this station several times during our visit to Shanghai. For subway tickets you can simply purchase tickets via touchscreen ticket machines (Chinese and English) at the station, fares range from 2 to 9 RMB. Tickets: You can purchase single trip tickets from the machines inside the station, which can be operated in English. Maps & Navigation; Add Tags. Pusan Road. Here, we provide some maps of Shanghai including Shanghai China map, Shanghai City map, Shanghai Travel map, Shanghai Tourist map, Shanghai Subway map for you. Features: Latest map of Shanghai subway, metro, train network. Great for everyday reference or Tourist use. Line 11 is one of the 17 lines of the Shanghai Metro. Currently, the city has 17 metro lines in operation, totaling approximately 400 kilometers. Meet the Team Media and Accreditations Location Learn Chinese Online Free Blog Chinese Courses. Metro card can be used on Meglav, bus, ferry, and taxi - its a general purpose card. Disney Resort – North Jiading. The thick metal doors beneath the arch were open. This resulted in the opening of line 1 on May 28th, 1993. Shanghai Metro Map. Metro lines 2, 10 and 17 interchange here. And how much is the bullet train from the station to Suzhou? Yunjin Road. shanghai subway map 2016 free download - Shanghai Metro Subway Map , Metro Shanghai Subway, Metro Shanghai Subway, and many more programs click for larger image . Meanwhile, check out this map of the new line! Please click … The Shanghai Metro is a rapid transit rail network in Shanghai, China. Rather than buying single journey tickets, visitors who wish to use the metro several times … System consists of 16 lines and 345 stations. More than 10 million people commute by using the network every day. Free editor Blog, Vacations No Comments. Where to buy a China T-Union card in Shanghai? Shanghai Subway Map Tags. Shanghai Subway Metro Map 2019 Tags. (Circle Line): Yishan Road - Shanghai Railway Station - Century Avenue - Yishan Road, Hongqiao Railway Station / Hangzhong Road - Xinjiangwancheng, Hongqiao Railway Station - Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 - Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1 - Shanghai Zoo -, Hangzhong Road - Ziteng Road - Longbai Xincun -, Longxi Road - Shuicheng Road - Yili Road - Songyuan Road - Hongqiao Road - Jiaotong University - Shanghai Library - South Shaanxi Road - Xintiandi - Laoximen - Yuyuan Garden - East Nanjing Road - Tiantong Road - North Sichuan Road - Hailun Road - Youdian Xincun - Siping Road - Tongji University - Guoquan Road - Wujiaochang - Jiangwan Stadium - Sanmen Road - East Yingao Road -Xinjiangwancheng, Xinzhuang - Waihuan Road - Lianhua Road - Jinjiang Park - Shanghai South Railway Station - Caobao Road - Shanghai Indoor Stadium - Xujiahui - Hengshan Road - Changshu Road - South Shaanxi Road - South Huangpi Road - People's Square - Xinzha Road - Hanzhong Road - Shanghai Railway Station - North Zhongshan Road - Yanchang Road - Shanghai Circus World - Wenshui Road - Penpu Xincun - Gongkang Road - Tonghe Xincun - Hulan Road - Gongfu Xincun - Bao'an Highway - West Youyi Road - Fujin Road, East Xujing - Shanghai Railway Station - Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 - Songhong Road - Beixinjing - Weining Road - Loushanguan Road - Zhongshan Park - Jiangsu Road - Jing'an Temple - West Nanjing Road - People's Square - East Nanjing Road - Lujiazui - Dongchang Road - Century Avenue - Shanghai Science and Technology Museum - Century Park - Longyang Road - Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park - Jinke Road - Guanglan Road - Tangzhen - Middle Chuangxin Road - East Huaxia Road - Chuansha - Lingkong Road - Yuandong Avenue - Haitiansan Road - Pudong International Airport, Shanghai South Railway Station - Shilong Road - Longcao Road - Caoxi Road - Yishan Road - Hongqiao Road - West Yan'an Road - Zhongshan Park - Jinshajiang Road - Caoyang Road - Zhenping Road - Zhongtan Road - Shanghai Railway Station - Baoshan Road - Dongbaoxing Road - Hongkou Football Stadium - Chifeng Road - Dabaishu - Jiangwan Town - West Yingao Road - South Changjiang Road - Songfa Road - Zhanghuabang - Songbin Road - Shuichan Road - Baoyang Road - Youyi Road - Tieli Road - North Jiangyang Road, Yishan Road - Hongqiao Road - West Yan'an Road - Zhongshan Park - Jinshajiang Road - Caoyang Road - Zhenping Road - Zhongtan Road - Shanghai Railway Station - Baoshan Road - Hailun Road - Linping Road - Dalian Road - Yangshupu Road - Pudong Avenue - Century Avenue - Pudian Road - Lancun Road - Tangqiao - Nanpu Bridge - South Xizang Road - Luban Road - Damuqiao Road - Dong'an Road - Shanghai Stadium - Shanghai Indoor Stadium - Yishan Road, Xinzhuang - Chunshen Road - Yindu Road - Zhuanqiao - Beiqiao - Jianchuan Road - Dongchuan Road - Jinping Road - Huaning Road - Wenjing Road - Minhang Development Zone, Gangcheng Road - North Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone - Hangjin Road - South Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone - Zhouhai Road - Wuzhou Avenue - Dongjing Road - Jufeng Road - Wulian Road - Boxing Road - Jinqiao Road - Yunshan Road - Deping Road - Beiyangjing Road - Minsheng Road - Yuanshen Stadium - Century Avenue - Pudian Road - Lancun Road - Shanghai Children's Medical Center - Linyi Xincun - West Gaoke Road - Dongming Road - Gaoqing Road - West Huaxia Road - Shangnan Road - South Lingyan Road, Huamu Road - Longyang Road - Fanghua Road - Jinxiu Road - South Yanggao Road - West Gaoke Road - Yuntai Road - Yaohua Road - Changqing Road - Chuanchang Road - Dong'an Road - Zhaojiabang Road - Changshu Road - Jing'an Temple - Changping Road - Changshou Road - Zhenping Road - Langao Road - Xincun Road - Dahuasan Road - Xingzhi Road - Dachang Town - Changzhong Road - Shangda Road - Nanchen Road - Shanghai University, Shiguang Road - Nenjiang Road - Xiangyin Road - Huangxing Park - Middle Yanji Road - Huangxing Road - Jiangpu Road - Anshan Xincun - Siping Road - Quyang Road - Hongkou Football Stadium - North Xizang Road - Zhongxing Road - Qufu Road - People's Square - Dashijie - Laoximen - Lujiabang Road - South Xizang Road - Yaohua Road - Chengshan Road - Yangsi - Linzhao Xincun - Luheng Road - Pujiang Town - Jiangyue Road - Lianhang Road - Aerospace Museum, Songjiang Xincheng - Songjiang University Town - Dongjing - Sheshan - Sijing - Jiuting - Zhongchun Road - Qibao - Xingzhong Road - Hechuan Road - Caohejing Hi-Tech Park - Guilin Road - Yishan Road - Xujiahui - Zhaojiabang Road - Jiashan Road - Dapuqiao - Madang Road - Lujiabang Road - Xiaonanmen - Shangcheng Road - Century Avenue - Middle Yanggao Road, Jiangsu Road - Longde Road - Caoyang Road - Fengqiao Road - Zhenru - Shanghai West Railway Station - Liziyuan - Qilianshan Road - Wuwei Road - Taopu Xincun - Nanxiang - Malu - Jiading Xincheng - Baiyin Road - West Jiading - North Jiading - Shanghai Circuit - Shanghai Automobile City - Anting, Shanghai Maglev Train — The Fastest Train in the World, Shanghai Transportation: Getting to/from Shanghai by Plane, Train, and Boat, The Key Places in Shanghai That Every Tourist Needs to Know, The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. This big modern railway station is near Hongqiao airport and is the main station for high speed railway. The machines accept 1 RMB coins and notes 5, 10 and 20 RMB. It was the third system of this kind to be inaugurated on the People’s Republic of China. About LTL LTL Mandarin School Story Why LTL Shanghai? See the English Version of Shanghai Metro Map and Chinese Version of Shanghai Metro Map. See Shanghai Transport. To help you figure it all out we've prepared this guide. The above printable metro map is the English-Chinese Version. You can take metro line 2 to Jiangsu station, then change for metro line 11. To check ticket prices, find the fastest route, check train times, hear station names in Mandarin, and more, visit - online travel reservation expert providing reliable car rental and hotel booking services. Do you refer to East Nanjing Road Metro Station? The first metro line built in 1993 coincidentally runs through the oldest parts of the city. We feature more than 25.000 destinations with 12.000 rental offices and 200.000 hotels worldwide. Kangxin Highway. The Shanghai Metro is the longest rapid transit system in the world. Inner circular metro line. Xiuyan Road. Head office … Inauguration was in May 1993. Luoshan Road Line 16. The single Maglev ticket can only be used on Maglev. Metro maps of cities around Shanghai. Making any sense of it, let alone finding your destination can be a real pickle diddle. Show More. High Definition Shanghai Subway Map. Making any sense of it, let alone finding your destination can be a real pickle diddle. The Shanghai Metro is HUGE - in fact there are a total of 414 stations and 16 lines as of 2020 and more will follow. Part Time Courses Part Time Group Classes … Copyright © 1998-2020 All rights reserved. By viewing these detailed maps, you’ll have a better idea about the location, attractions and transportation and nearby destinations of Shanghai. The city of Shanghai needed the creation of a massive transportation system capable of offering efficient transportation to its population due to its size and exponential and quick population growth. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Menu. By adding tag words that describe for Games&Apps, you're helping to make these Games and Apps be more discoverable … By adding tag words that describe for Games&Apps, you're helping to make these Games and Apps be more discoverable by other … If you are out late or very early morning, check first/last train times for your stop, Metro does not run 24/7. Train lines, train signs, and train markings are all color coordinated to specific line for example Metro 2 is green so all items related to Metro 2 will be in green color. How to Take Metro Transfer Ticket Bilingual List of Stations, Questions & Answers on Shanghai Metro Maps. Line 15 of the Shanghai Metro is a metro line currently under construction in the city of Shanghai and scheduled to open in 2020. Show More. Wear mask on train. Shanghai Metro Map Updated April 2010. Once past Shanghai Subway Map that, it took me half an hour to find the arched main gate, the Gate Shanghai Subway Map of Enlightenment, topped by a temple with red pillars. Unlike other similar resources online, this map will give you: The name of each Shanghai metro stop in English. About . Shanghai Metro Map is the best transport app for navigating the metro in the city of Shanghai. Download Shanghai Scaled Subway Map and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. West Jiading. The Shanghai subway is fast, cheap, air conditioned and user-friendly, no matter your native language. Buying Tickets. Sanlin . The Chinese ones were busily taking pictures of each other, and it made me realise how my pictures are usually empty. No data or internet connection needed. Shanghai Metro is the navigation app that makes travelling by Shentong Metro Group public transport in Shanghai simple From the Oriental Pearl TV Tower to the Yuyuan Garden, cheering on the Shanghai Sharks or rooting for the Shanghai Swordfish, whether you’re a Shanghai native on your commute to work or sightseeing fresh from Shanghai Pudong … Station stops and line information are announced in both Mandarin and English. Shanghai Metro. Metro in Fukuoka. Oriental Sports Center Line 6 Line 8.
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