Webjay was created by Lucas Gonze.
MusicPlayer was created by Fabricio Zuardi.
Brilliant ButtonMaker by Luca Zappa.
This page was created by Peter Forret.
WARNING This page depends on Webjay and that site has been bought by Yahoo and then discontinued. I have, until now, not found another site that does the same, so the links and players on this page won't work anymore either! Sorry!
  1. Page URL

    This can be any web page that contains links to audio files, any playlist file (m3u, smil, ...), any RSS/Atom feed, including podcast feeds, any Webjay playlist, any XSPF playlist file (use with the MusicPlayer)
  2. Embedding style

    Choose the playlist format Webjay should generate and/or the embedded player you want to use. We support RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Fabricio's Flash MP3 player.
  3. Webjay button

    Fabricio's MusicPlayer
  4. Options

    Intro audio (link to an MP3 or other audio file)

    Outro audio (link to an MP3 or other audio file)

    max songs
    no recursion - don't include audio files in playlists
    autoplay (for embedded players: start playing immediately)


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Webjay page (link)


What is 'Webjay'?
Webjay is the mother of music playlist generators: it allows you to create a playlist of MP3, RAM, WMA files, or can take any page, feed, playlist file and convert it to working playlists for RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Quicktime and even to XSPF for the Flash MusicPlayer. In the last case, you need to do a "double URLencoding" on URLs. ¿Qué ?
So what does this page do?
This page will help you generate the correct HTML for linking/embedding a Webjay playlist in your web site/blog/podcast, using all the features of Webjay and embedded players.
Podcast buttons
For podcast buttons based on the Firefox/IE logo, check the podcast icon wizard
Podcast RSS feed

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